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Tech Tools & Instructional Strategies

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E = EasyBib: Free Bibliography Maker

MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles. It is free, you don't need to register and imports easy to Word!

Most popular sources :


  • Switch between APAChicago/Turabian, and MLA styles

  • Harvard system author-date format supported through APA

  • Footnote & parenthetical citation wizards

  • Import citations from third-party databases

  • Access online from anywhere (home or library)

In a Classroom: How?

Helps students create correct citations from web, article, book, etc sources with the autocite function !! Without the usual stress and aggravation. Stress over  citations should never get in the way of a good paper :) 


E = eBooks

Emerging Technology Presentation EDET A637 Spring 2010

Lara Madden presentation for eBooks, an emerging technology...http://prezi.com/0mnjzcctbzsc/



E =home

Edublogs lets you easily create & manage student & teacher blogs, quickly customize designs and include videos, photos & podcasts - it's safe, easy and secure so try out an Edublog today!

In a Classroom: How?

Within a few minutes you and your students can be communicating with each other, classes around the world, parents and anyone else you choose. Edublogs provides all the tools you need to allow you to realise the potential of blogging. Elluminate is an Edublogs Community partner. A free Elluminate V room is available too.


E = ePals.com

ePals is a site formulated for k-12 educators to help classrooms find each other. It's basically a matching service but on an international scale. It also includes a language translator. Instead of sending letters to a far away pen pal, students can blog and create projects together. There are some safety features built in which is the main selling point for teachers.

In a Classroom: How?

ePals has competitions in lots of different areas. For instance, students from around the world can share their thoughts via video on the topic of climate change. Then, as a classroom activity, classify the opinions of others, plot them on a digital map to help compare opinions.


Elgg a powerful social engine

Elgg empowers individuals, groups and institutions to create their own fully-featured social environment. (Tracy)

In a Classroom: How?

Elgg would allow student in each classroom/course to develop their own social networking site.


E = Emotify

Emotify is a service that allows users to submit and vote on content by emotion. Users can also create media packages designed to elicit a particular emotion from its viewer.

In a Classroom: How?

Students can rate the sites visited during a web quest to provide feedback to the teacher and peers. Students can gather web content about a specific  topic and peers can review it, provide a rating, and vote on the content. 




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