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Tech Tools & Instructional Strategies

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M = Mahara

Mahara is an Open-Source portfolio tool. Here's a video overview.

= MapVivo

A place to create a travel journal or to experience someone eles'e travels through text and images. Allows you to use maps, images, and text to tell your story. Share with others. 

In a classroom: How?

Let students pick a destination and have them look through a journal. What places did they like, what places were missed. OR if students are lucky enough to take a journey have them use this tool to create a document of their trip.

M = Meebo

Meebo is a program that allows real time social interaction for students and instructors to connect at anytime.  Meebo is a free product and is easily set up and maintained with little effort.  Meebo works with all popular chat applications such as twitter, facebook, and AIM…which allows participation from anywhere. (John)

In a classroom: How?

Meebo can be used as a side bar chat area during class for student to communicate and not disrupt the lecture.  If the technology fails ex. Blackboard, the class could continue to use this chat function to communicate.

M = Mendeley

Mendeley is for organizing your research. Automatically generate bibliographies. Access your papers from anywhere online. Find relevant papers based on what you’re reading. Easily import papers from other research software. Collaborate easily with other researchers online. There is also an APP for mobile access. It is free.



M = Mentira 

Mentira is a FREE MOBILE app. Mentira is a game played on the iphone/ipod touch using the ARIS (Augmented Reality for Integrative Storytelling)  platform. Since the game is part of a larger structured activity, it may not make the most sense without some of that accompanying context. However, if you'd like to get a bit of a feel for the game, we welcome you to try it out in its current state.   

In the classroom: How? Student driven, situated cognition, According to the website, "Our game consists of somewhere near 70 pages of dialogue and informative text, almost all spanish, about 150 photos or pieces of still visual art, and four short movies.

M =MindBites

MindBites is a place on the web to learn directly from other real people and share what you know with the world. A self-publishing platform and social marketplace for instructional content, MindBites enables people to share their unique knowledge, skills and passions through audio and video lessons, earning money for themselves or for charity.(Tracy) 

In the classroom: How? 

          Share group projects done for community service classes to raise awareness for different causes and generate interest. Contributed                by Sasha

M =MindMeister

MindMeister is an online graphical tool that allows you to build a mind map or a project or paper. By creating an account and sharing it, you can collaborate with others and share ideas, 

In the classroom: How?

In a freshman seminar, have students create a goal setting mind map. What are you goals: short term, medium term, long term. Contributed by Sandy Gravley

M =Moodle

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities. Moodle is very customizable -- teachers can use Moodle to add online features such as Discussion Forums, Wikis, Quizzes, and Lessons to their face-to-face classes, or can use it for a class that is entirely online. Link to a SCREENCAST of Moodle in the Classroom.

In the classroom: How?


Memoov.com is a free animation software. Students can create animated movies to share.

In the classroom: How?

Students can use animation to create reports, stories or examples to post an show in class or on class websites.

M =MyHappyPlanet 

My Happy Planet.com is a social network set up to help match you with someone who speaks a language you want to learn. You communicate via the internet. The idea is to match up with someone wanting help with the language you can speak so that the learning is reciprocated. 

In a classroom: How?

In a classroom there are obvious applications if you are teaching a particular language and want to encourage students to try out new skills. This would probably work best if pre-arranged or with adult students to avoid unintended consequences. Wanting to actually communicate with someone can provide a strong incentive to learning. 

M = Mashup (Definition)

Content aggregation technology. Three main types, consumer, data and enterprise; also business application available that integrates business and data services. Mashup(s) combine information and media from a variety of sources into one centralized (re)source. 

In the classroom: How?

Ideal application for virtual or "brick and mortar" classroom; enables collection and integration of information resources into one central application that facilitates ease of access and is an expedient resource for research, etc. (gf) 

M = Middlespot  

Middlespot.com allows you to create personalize mashup pages including search results, videos, music, widgets, etc. 


 In the classroom: How?

Turning your collection into a unique visual and share it with others.



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