Tech Tools & Instructional Strategies

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P = Parentella

Parentella is a private social network for teachers and parents. Parents can ask questions and get info about homework and other class assignments. 

In a classroom: How?

P = Podcasts 

Digital media which can be distributed over the internet then played on a personal computer with a media player or VoIP, or on portable media players (MP3 players) and some cell phones pocketpc. Podcasts can be made using Apple's iTunes Apple iTunes, Microsoft's Zune Zune Marketplace, Juice Juice, Doppler Doppler, and others. While mostly audio-based, it can be video as well.  

In a classroom: How?  

Podcasts can be used by teachers to announce assignments, record discussions, interviews, debates, lessons, music performances, foreign language pronounciations, etc. Absent students can listen to lessons at a later date.

P = Prezi 

Dynamic web tool for creating non-linear, divergent presentations.  

In a classroom: How?