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Tech Tools & Instructional Strategies

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S = Screenpresso

captures all or part of a screen or a specific window. The program can use a stitching mechanism to capture information as you scroll down if it does not all fit on the screen. It allows the user to resize images, add effects, crop, or spotlight an area or comments on the captured image. KD

In a classroom: How?

The teacher can use the screen capture to illustrate computer instructions or send notes or pictures to students from the teacher's desktop. KD  


S = ScreenToaster

This is a screen capture video program that records all or part of a screen or a specific window. Audio can be added and the information can be edited. Files can be saved in various formats to be posted or emailed to others.  KD You can easily add subtitles and/or embed a webcam. Completely free. HC  


          In a classroom: How?
The teacher can use the screen capture to illustrate computer instructions or send notes or pictures to students from the teacher's desktop. Tutorials can be saved and put into Blackboard through YouTube. KD 


Use to introduce your student to your self or your online course shell. Send a quick personalized video via email. Use it to explain assignments, then embed in your course shell...possibilities limited only by what you can get on your computer screen and your imagination. (HC) Click the link to see a review of ScreenToaster.

S = Shmoop


Lively Learning Guides by Experts & Educators (Or, to help you impress professors, dazzle teachers, and romance dates with your remarkable insights into the world) Shmoop will make you a better lover (of literature, history, life). See many sides to the argument. Find your writing groove. Understand how lit and history are relevant today. We want to show your brain a good time. Our mission: To make learning and writing more fun and relevant for students in the digital age.


          In a classroom: How? 

 "Shmoop impresses me because it is intentionally about learning, and the joy of learning, not just about passing courses and jumping through educational hoops." - Paul Hamilton, teacher and blogger.
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 S = Skype        
 Is a free software package that allows online communication with video to occur online or from a phone.
In a classroom: How?
This software is tool that could be used in an e-leaning class, allowing for group  collaboration and the sharing of files.
Click here for a presentation on Skype.


S = Stixy

is an online organization tool that allows you to share a virtual bulletin board with others. The goal is to organize your electronic items by adding tasks, appointments, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks to a bulletin board. The software was made so that others did not have to conform to a  developer’s notions of how one should see their information. This is a collaboration tool that allows for personalization.
     In a classroom: How?
  • In the classroom a teacher could use it to hand things out to students and post notes to them. Students could use a stixy to work in groups and share a common posting spot or each have their own and copy widgets (as the items on the board are called) from one board to another. This is a visual organizer that is very similar to having one big bulletin board that kids post items to that others can come long and look at.
  • This collaboration / sharing board would also be good for the PTA as they could post small sticky notes, post pictures of their recent events, and post documents for others to look at.
  • This is a secure place to share as you have to invite others to look at your board. (You do need an email to sign up and others need one for you to invite them to share the board.)

S = SchoolTube

Student-produced video sharing website that is monitored for content and safety.  Partnered with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the Student Television Network (STN), SchoolTube is free to use for students, parents, administrators and teachers. 

          In a classroom: How?

Students are able to showcase their knowledge of Web 2.0 tools as well as their understanding of course content and publish their work world wide.  

S = Second Life

A virtual world where the users create content and usable spaces

          In a classroom: How?

Create simulations where students will have to apply practical knowledge to real-world scenarios. For example in a nursing classroom, simulations created by faculty can allow students to react to an emergency situation where they can choose what decisions to make, medications to distribute, monitor for complications, etc. all within a safe and controlled environment. Contributed by Sasha

S = Slashdot

Slashdot is NEWS for nerds!  Linux friendly. Book Reviews, Games, Interviews and Science. 

In a classroom: How?

S = Sliderocket

Sliderocket is a Web 2.0 tool that allows for some creative presentations. An example:

In a classroom: How? If you must use PowerPoint, please increase the "eye-candy coefficient" by easily adding various media. Learners can collaborate on a presentation; analytics tabulated; presentations embedded and much more.


S = Slideshare

Slideshare is a free program to download which allows users to upload PowerPoint presentations, word documents, and PDF portfolios. They can be shared privately or made public.  This program has the function to add audio to create a webinar. (John)

In the classroom: How?

Students and faculty can use slideshare to upload presentations or documents and share with the class.   

S = Snagit

Snagit  is a program that allows you to capture anything seen on your computer screen. With snagit, one can record and capture exactly what they need, make edits to it, and share with others. (John)

In the classroom: How?

   Snagit can be used in a distance delivery course to capture images, create videos for class, and even develop tutorials for students.  

S = Storybird 

Storybird is a collaborative web tool that encourages storywriting. Users can write a short story and use graphics to illustrate it. There is a free beta version currently.  


In the classroom: How?

It makes it easy to produce beautiful picture book quality stories online.



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